IX Congreso Internacional de la Cátedra UNESCO

para el Mejoramiento de la Calidad y Equidad de la Educación en América Latina, con base en la Lectura y la Escritura

Talleres pre Congreso

David Russell



“To Integrate a WAC/Writing Center Program with a Program of Research”


This workshop gives options for conducting research as an ongoing part of a WAC program and/or writing center. The workshop will be useful for researchers who wish to create or collaborate with a university or secondary school writing program, and for writing program directors who wish to systematically evaluate and improve their programs, while contributing to the knowledge and know-how of others in the field of writing studies.


Provide practical strategies for

1) systematically assessing writing program effectiveness

2) involving other stakeholders in assessment, especially faculty in other disciplines

3) using assessment data to improve program structures and involvement

4) generalizing from one’s own program assessment to publish useful research results for the other researchers and program directors.


Researchers and Writing Program Directors doing program evaluation

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